ROUND #3 Magical Bag ~ Includes Outfit + Backpack
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ROUND #3 Magical Bag ~ Includes Outfit + Backpack

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Magical Bag! Includes an outfit and backpack, never before in our shop. Backpack can be black, pink, blue or mint. Outfit is Disney Inspired. Backpack is SPARKLY and has adjustable straps for the perfect fit for you or your little!

♡ Is this the same bag and outfit as Friday and Saturdays special?

NO! The outfit is different! This is a shirt/short style (not denim) The print from the 1st bag was used on bag #1 BUT once you see the outfit, you will see how they are both very different yet matches ;) The bag style is the same BUT if you ordered Friday or Saturday's special, just leave a note upon checkout with today's order that you ordered a bag already and we will make sure the backpacks are DIFFERENT colors. The note MUST be left in order to get different colors, we can't add that note for you. The note is ONLY valid as long as your previous order has not shipped 

Exclusive & never in our shop before so there is no chances of you already having these.  What makes this extra magical is that it's mystery, which means a lot of FUN & surprises! Outfits are summer themed so she will get lots of wear right away!

Are these for girl or boy? These are themed for girls.

What age are these for? You pick the size upon checkout. There is ONLY 1 outfit style so if you order more than 1 per size, you will get duplicates of the outfit.

♡ It the value at least more than what I paid? OMG Yesss,  just yes! It's our way of offering our customers an amazing deal, while making shopping fun!  Due to high order volume we cannot combine orders placed yesterday and today.


📫  Fast Shipping! Estimated to ship in 1-2 weeks (we are having MORE backpacks made so we could do round #3 so we do kindly ask to allow a few extra days)
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Have a Bow-utiful Day!

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