Materpiece Drawing By Lilly & Maddie
Materpiece Drawing By Lilly & Maddie
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Materpiece Drawing By Lilly & Maddie

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Our Story:

We are a family owned business and often times we bring our children to the warehouse with us. The other day one of my little girls, drew on one of our customers invoices. I posted a photo of it on social media and said:

"If you ever get an invoice like this with your order please don’t think we’re disrespecting you. My 2 little girls love coming to work with me and helping out. I don’t have the heart to throw it away and reprint a new order invoice. Sometimes they want to “decorate” your order ☺️"

Our customers LOVED this idea and have been requesting a special "doodle" from them. I asked my daughters if they'd like to do this and have the opportunity to earn their own money and spend it how they'd like. They LOVED this idea! The money they make will go right in their piggy bank. They will honestly probably end up spending it on other people, but I will encourage them to treat their selves too!

I will take orders home with me daily. Usually orders ship in 24 hours but please kindly allow a few extra days just in case they are not in the mood to draw & be creative. If for some reason it goes past a few days (which I doubt that because they LOVE drawing) I will refund that money back to you. I don't ever want them to feel pressured to do this, I want to keep it fun and exciting for them :)

Thank you so much for allowing my children the opportunity to make their own money and being part of our business. It's teaching them the value of working, responsibility & being part of a team.

Please know that depending upon their creativity at the time, your order could have a little "scribble' or a full blow portrait!

I've said it many times, but I'm going to say it again. MY CUSTOMERS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

When you receive your "master piece" we'd love it if you could post a photo of it on our Lilly Bow Peep VIP Facebook page. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok too!


Meagan (owner)

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